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Explore the Outdoors

So much to see and do in the area…. The mango Winery just up the road, lemoncello to die for! Or drive the scenic back road to Jaques Coffee Plantation for brunch or lunch. Keep going and there’s Emerald Creek falls. A gorgeous 45min walk up to the falls where you’re rewarded with amazing views, also there is Davies Creek Falls lovely for a visit and a picnic.

On your way home stop off at the Emerald Creek Ice Creamery…all homemade… as well as their yummy fudge.
Explore the little town of Mareeba just 20 minutes away from camp. It has everything you need. For starters there is Coffee Works for chocolate and coffee and The Deli Mareeba… too many yummy things to mention! The Info Centre and Museum well worth a visit, The Gateway Pub for a meal…and there’s so much more to explore.

Mareeba is also one of the last places in Australia to have a Drive-In movie theatre. There is nothing like the big starry nights we have here… and sitting under the stars watching a movie on a lovely evening, is a treat.
Of course back to camp with the camp fire blazing and a cheeky red with the amazing night sky is the best!


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